Sunday, February 10, 2008

Belkin Class Action Suit, part II

Today I received a Belkin wireless refund notice, relating to the class action suit I wrote about back in April of last year. It says we are eligible for a full refund on up to two Belkin wireless products. Turns out the two Belkin wireless products we own are qualified for the settlement, and yes I still have the original receipts after all this time. So after I get the form mailed in tomorrow or Tuesday, we should have our refund back within 12 weeks. Yay!

It's sort of timely, because we've been having trouble with our Belkin wireless gateway for the last several months. For the most part it works, but every now and then it just decides to not work, usually just for a few moments, but increasingly those few moments seem to be getting longer and longer. So, we'll put the almost $100 we get back from Belkin and put it towards a nice shiny new Apple Time Capsule.

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