Friday, February 01, 2008

Pretend Fish Supper

Kenji and I went to a fish supper with Tiffknee at Tiffknee's church this evening. It was a fund raiser for the local Boy Scout troop. I call it a pretend fish supper because we didn't arrive until about 7pm, and by that time they were all out of fish. But they still had chicken. The chicken was deep fried in the same batter they use for the fish, so it still looked like we were eating fish and chips. We even still used tartar sauce on the chicken. :)

While we were waiting to be served by the Boy Scouts, I folded a tiny paper crane out of the blue paper napkin ring that came on our plasticware. The Boy Scouts were rather slow in their duties, so Tiffknee's dad shared some of the bread from their table with us. In return, I gave him the crane I'd just folded.

A little while later, the little paper crane ended up in the hands of Grandma Willson who was so impressed with it that she took it home with her, carrying it carefully in one hand, and in the other hand, her leftovers.

Just as we were about to leave, Grandma Willson's daughter came by our table to tell us that Grandma liked the crane so much that she forgot to take her purse home - and that's why she was back - to fetch the forgotten purse. Tee-hee-hee!

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