Friday, May 23, 2008

Chili-Mojito Quinoa Salad

For some reason I came across a recipe last week for Chili-Mojito Quinoa Salad on the Boston Globe's web site. I don't often visit that site so who knows how I ended up there but anyway I decided that I would try it sans the onions.

The first cute thing about this was when I went the store today, I almost couldn't find any quinoa. But then I happened to spot the very last bag of it. Just as I was about to wheel my cart away, another lady came down the aisle, scanning all the different grains. Before I took half a step, she asked me if I knew what quinoa was. I told her yes, and that she was out of luck as I had the last bag in the store. I guess her daughter recently gave her some recipe for a quinoa salad... looks like she'll have to wait a little longer before trying it.

The second cute thing was that Kenji didn't know what quinoa was. So he was eating it very gingerly. As soon as I told him that quinoa is a grain that dates back to the Inca civilization he decided that he liked the salad a lot. Prior to that he wasn't sure he liked it because he thought it was some kind of vegetable or something. Maybe next time I make something new for him I'll just say it's a kind of meat. :)

This is also the first thing I've made with the spanky new Cuisinart food processor that Kenji's folks sent us for our anniversary. Not only is it our Tupperware anniversary, but we leanred from Mom and Dad that it's also our appliance anniversary. It made quick and easy work of the mint and hot peppers. Thanks! :)

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