Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Where Rubber Bands Come From

It seems like every day I am picking up rubber bands and putting them in our miscellaneous junk drawer. I don't know where they keep coming from, because I've been making a concentrated effort NOT to leave rubber bands lying around for the kitties to play with.

So why do I keep finding rubber bands on the stairs, or next to the kitties' food bowls in the cellar, or in the hallway upstairs, or in the dining room next to the scratching post, or wherevers?

I suppose it could maybe be that Kenji is forgetting to put rubber bands in their place. But he's pretty good about putting stuff away, so I'm beginning to think it might be that rubber bands are actually produced by cats. I don't know if they poop rubber bands or what; I just know we never had rubber bands randomly and repeatedly appearing all over the house until we got Spam and Musubi.

I bet the rubber band factory is just a big room filled with cats making rubber bands all day. And when the cats go home at night, a giant Roomba goes around the factory floor collecting the day's rubber band production. I bet that's what you're going to see when Discovery Channel has the How It's Made episode about rubber bands.

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