Sunday, May 25, 2008

Duck Pond, Hawk Rock & Scarlet Oak Pond

It's a lovely weekend so yesterday Kenji and I drove up to Mahwah to do some letterboxing. We found one at the duck pond at Continental Soldiers Park. The name of that box was Duck Pond. Interestingly though we didn't see any ducks there. Instead, we saw and heard a whole flock of noisy Canada geese. We also saw two giant swans, one of which sitting in its nest. I never saw a swan's nest before, so that was pretty cool.

The next two boxes we found were hidden at Ramapo Reservation. The two boxes were called Hawk Rock and Scarlet Oak Pond. Both had been waterlogged, so we were unable to leave impressions of our stamps in their logbooks, but we were able to take away their stamp impressions.

It was such a beautiful day that lots and lots of people were out -- walking their dogs, going fishing, hiking, riding horseback. Oh, and letterboxing. :)

This view is from an outcropping of rocks along the way to the Hawk Rock letterbox:

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purple city princess said...

awesome view! i like the clouds above the pond. =)