Monday, January 02, 2006

Spam Torture

So I mentioned in a previous post that little Spammy got ringworm. We think he got it from the shelter, because on the day we picked him up, there was a cat there in a quarantine cage that had the fungus. I guess it took a while before Spammy became symptomatic. Fortunatley Musubi seems to be resistant, as well as Russ and me!

Although it's been several weeks since we began treating Spammy for ringworm, the vet says we still need to give him baths two times a week, for at least a couple weeks after the signs of ringworm have all gone away.

So like the good little cat-mommy I am, I thought I'd embarrass poor Spammy by sharing his misery with the whole world, or at least the small sliver of it that bothers to read my blog. Poor li'l guy hates hates hates getting a bath, but when all is said and done, he still loves me afterwards, as you can see from this photo where he's helping me play puzzle just a few hours later. :)

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