Monday, January 28, 2008

Gaffer Tape Wallet

Back in 2002, I had my wallet (and whole purse) stolen at a swing dance at the Kapiolani Park bandstand. The next day I was telling some of my chat friends about it, and one of them suggested I make a new wallet out of duct tape.

Well I didn't have any duct tape, but I had a nice big roll of black gaffer tape that my friend Christopher gave me as a going away present when I moved away from Connecticut. So I made a nice black wallet out of gaffer tape, and it served me well for five years.

My black gaffer tape wallet would still serve me well, except I saw some nice pretty bright colors of gaffer tape at the art supply store. All of the sudden I wanted a funky colored wallet. First I tried a pink one with velvet that had smiley faces crushed into it. But the smiley faces became uncrushed when I had my wallet in my back pocket while swing dancing. Also, the velvet was purple and I didn't like the way it clashed with the pink gaffer tape.

On Saturday I finally bought another roll of gaffer tape - this one's bright green. So now I have a funky pink and green gaffer tape wallet, with zig-zags and tiny hidden triangles. :)


Topher said...

Welcome back to the world of Gaffer tape!

Can you believe that people actually pay other people to make these wallets!

mochichick said...

Yes! I have seen these web sites before - one guy can make a duct tape wallet in as little as five minutes. If I was able to do that, I would sell gaffer tape wallets. But right now it probably takes me 3 hours to make one to my liking, so I dunno, I'd have to sell my wallets for like $60 apiece at least. Any takers??? =)

Topher said...

Well, you could make _designer_ Gaffer wallets, using gaffer's tape made from the finest corinthian leather. Come up with a designer logo- You could be the Tommy Pullmyfinger of Gaffer's tape wallets!