Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Spinny spinny spinny

This evening was another first for Kenji and me - we took a spinning class. Not the kind where they teach you how to make yarn. The spinning class was at the JCC fitness center, and it was in a cool, dark room full of stationary bikes, and we rode those bikes harder than I ever rode a bike before, and it was only for 45 minutes. Of course I've ridden a bike for much longer than 45 minutes. But going for a bike ride, I get to take breaks, like when going down hill, and I certainly don't push myself as hard as Howie the spinning instructor pushed us (and I'm pretty sure he went easy on us since this was the first spinning class we ever took). Twenty minutes into it I felt like I was crying but really it was just sweat running down my face. Anyway my legs hurt now, but I guess it's good for me. Kenji says he's all sore too. The End.

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