Sunday, January 20, 2008

More spinny stuff

So we went to that spinning class on Tuesday... then on Friday, Kenji and I tried out one of the new Expresso Fitness bikes. It's a stationary bike that has a screen attached to it that you can go on virtual bike rides. I found it entertaining because I could aim at other riders on the screen and run them over. Well, they just disappeared when I hit them... it's not like I could see them all fallen down on the ground or something. But it gave me purpose in my riding, and that made the cycling more enjoyable. :) Still I was only good for about ten minutes before I went to go walk on a treadmill instead.

Kenji played some of the other games on the bike. In one of the games he played, he collected different colored coins. Each time he found a coin, he then had to go kill the dragon of the same color. Cute! Maybe I will play that game the next time.

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