Sunday, March 02, 2008

Alligator Hunt

For the past week or so I've been having all sorts of dreams while sleeping at night. I guess that's not unusual but it feels unusual for me because for many years I feel like I haven't remembered or even been conscious of any dreams I've had while sleeping.

I used to like recording my dreams when I was in high school, but somewhere along the way I guess I had better things to do and I got out of the habit. Anyway I always thought dreams were rather entertaining, so I've missed having them (or more likely, just being aware of them). Therefore I decided that I'm going to try to record my dreams again.

Last night was the first time I tried writing them down. I put a little blank book and a pen next to the bed, and scribbled what I could remember of my dream in that in the dark. My handwriting is barely legible and my writing was rather "downhill" looking. I really didn't remember too much of it, but here are the remnants I did recall (verbatim from my little writing book).

Tonight's dream was about alligators. Big ones. There was a dirt road. It was night. We were trying to find our way to the main road. Then it was day. That's when we were looking for alligators. Then Kenji and I were out for a walk on this dirt road. We stopped for something. Then we - Then he asked me where we were going to go next. I said we would walk down the dirt road more, till we got to a roadside snack bar and could have lunch, so we could walk more. He was disappointed. I wanted to do more walking.

And that's about it. Not very interesting. I know we saw some alligators in the dream. One was pretty big. Others we just heard about and were trying to find. Oh the reason Kenji was disappointed was because I was going to make us walk more and he doesn't like to walk.

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