Sunday, March 16, 2008

No Belkin Money for Us...

On Friday I received this letter from the Belkin Settlement people:

We have received your Refund Notice along with the documentation that you recently submitted for the Shannahoff v. Belkin, Case No. CV 06-1474-GPS settlement. Based on the documentation provided to the Settlement Administrator, it has been determined your claim is invalid due to the following reason:

The purchase of your Belkin product was after the March 31, 2006 deadline. In the process of obtaining court approval of the Settlement Agreement, it was determined that product packaging for Belkin Wireless Products sold after March 31, 2006 did not contain the allegedly false or misleading statements as claimed by the plaintiff. Therefore, persons who purchased a Belkin Wireless Product after March 31, 2006 are not entitled to receive a refund or promotional discount.


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