Sunday, March 02, 2008

Big Bird

Here's another bit of a dream remnant from earlier this week. I was driving somewhere in sunny Arizona through some small town, when I drove past a giant bird walking down the street in the opposite direction. The bird was as tall as a human, had giant eyes the size of the palm of your hand. Its feathers were dark gray and the irises were orange.

I continued driving and saw some other odd creature walking along the road. That's when I decided to take pictures of these creatures with my phone. I took a picture of the second creature, then put the car in reverse to try to find the big bird. I stepped too hard on the gas and backed up too fast and went too far. I didn't hit anything or anyone. I did find the bird, but I think I had some kind of difficulty taking a picture of it for some reason.


Anonymous said...

mochichick said...

Cool. I looked up pictures of Thunderbirds on Google.

They look a lot scarier than the big bird in my dream. My bird was kind of just big and cute and harmless and strange.