Saturday, March 29, 2008

Lemonade, Zen Fruit, a Spooky Forest and a Big Ride

Today is our first real day of vacation. Yesterday only sorta counts because it was a travel day. Plus before we flew away I still did my rounds of delivering books to old folks for the library.

Anyway on our first real vacation day we got out our letterboxing stuff and went to Robinswood Park in Bellevue and found Lemonade and Zen Fruit. They were cute stamps and the clues straightforward.

After we did a little bit of shopping at Bellevue Square Mall, we decided to find Spooky Forest at Timberlake Park. Unlike the previous two, the clues for this letterbox were written in a story-like manner, and not straightforward at all. Maybe Kenji and I are just not creative enough in our thinking to figure those clues out. We think we found the spot where the letterbox is supposed to be... but either that's not the hiding place or Spooky Forest has gone missing.

But our trip to Timberlake Park wasn't a total bust. It's definitely a cool little park to hike around in - lots of interesting lumpy, moss-covered trees to see, and there's a little man-made cave (which we believe to be a part of the Spooky Forest clues).

After we decided to give up on Spooky Forest, for no particular reason I decided to check around the bottom of another tree - like the cave, we think this tree was part of the clues, though not the actual hiding place. Around the back of the tree I found a little cubby hole, and sure enough when I looked inside I spotted a little package containing a stamp and a logbook. It wasn't until we were about to stamp our logbooks that I realized this was not Spooky Forest but a different letterbox - Big Ride - that we weren't even aware of. :)

UPDATE: I got a response to the message I sent to the keeper of the Spooky Forest letterbox. She says that the tree we thought was the hydra (the hiding spot of the letterbox) was not the hydra. So we were looking in the wrong spot.

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