Saturday, March 01, 2008

Mind your children or they will be given espresso and a free puppy

That was on a sign at Van Gogh's Ear Café. I wrote about that place before. Anyway that's where we went for this week's installment of the search for the perfect dessert (which was preceded by bowling and meat on a stick).

This is Kenji pondering over what to have. He decided on some chocolate coffee drink with the word lust in the name, but he can't remember what it was called. I didn't take a picture of it because a drink in a mug looks pretty much the same as any other drink in a mug.

I was torn between getting the peanut butter mousse pie and the chocolate saucy cake. So Tiffknee helped me out and got the peanut butter mousse pie so I got the chocolate saucy cake and we got to try each other's dessert. I think Tiffknee really liked her dessert.

Here's my chocolate saucy cake. It was saucy. And chocolatey. And wayyy yummy. As you can see, this time I remembered to take pictures of our desserts before they were half eaten. I would have taken action shots of them being eaten, except the lighting in Van Gogh's Ear is a bit dim.

Overall, Van Gogh's Ear beats out Baumgart's by a long shot. Better desserts, better ambiance. The only thing Baumgart's did better was their whipped cream was homemade. Don't get me wrong - Baumgart's was good... it's just that Van Gogh's was better.

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