Saturday, March 22, 2008

Burning Sticks

Yep so we have all kinds of sticks that fell all over our yard during the winter. A couple weeks ago we piled them all up against the fence behind the garage. We thought we might have to haul all the yard waste to the dump or something, but then one of Kenji's co-workers suggested we get a chiminea and burn it in the backyard. So last night we went to Home Depot and got this one and Kenji put it together today, and we burned a nice little pile of sticks. We got plenty more to burn but we can do that some other time.

It was fun and it smelled like when we used to have bonfires in the late winter/early spring in the woods in back of my mommy and daddy's house. :)

Ohyeah, you might notice that Kenji has his finger in a splint. For some reason he likes to fall going up the stairs and this time his pinky bonked into the wall and now it's all bruised. Yesterday it was all swollen up looking like a little black and blue snowman!

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