Monday, March 03, 2008

Telemarketing Shrink Dream

It seems like I dream sometime just before 5am, or at least that seems to be the time when I become aware that I've just had a dream and can recall it in my slowly waking state. So anyway here's my dream from last night - or rather - early this morning, as I wrote it down in my little writing book.

We were looking 4 a doctor to treat something - maybe PTSD. We got an unsolicited call from one, but Kenji was in the bathroom. I almost hung up on the guy, but took his phone number instead.

Then Kenji came out of the bathroom and we told him to call the guy. So I called him and got the doctor's wife on the phone. She said it was late, and the doctor was not accepting calls anymore. I said the doc had just called us like ten minutes earlier. She reluctantly put her hubby on the phone. He didn't sound like he wanted to talk. I said just give my hubby a few minutes - that he (Kenji) just wanted to ask a few questions so he could see if he wanted to call him (the doctor) again another day. The doc agreed and I put Kenji on the phone.

Kenji was taking a while to say something, and I think it was because he was trying to put the call on speaker-phone. I said don't worry about speaker phone. But Kenji never got to ask the guy anything before the guy either hung up or the call got dropped.
It's hard to write in the dark when you are mostly asleep. Anyway in the dream I think we were at my parents' house, sitting in their kitchen when we were trying to make the phone call. Kind of a boring dream if you ask me. I like dreams where there's more stuff going on.

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