Monday, April 17, 2006

Little Hike with Daddy :)

After the baseball game on Saturday, Kenji and I drove out to stay with my parents in central Massachusetts. On Easter, my dad and I took a nice walk along one of the old defunct rail road beds that are nearby. Here's some of what we saw...

The first two pictures are of a little dam that gave out after all the rains they had last fall. It didn't seem to me that the dam break had that big of an effect on things though, since the beavers took care of building their own dam just a little upstream of this one.

I don't think this is the beaver dam I was referring to earlier. It's just one of the many beaver dams that we saw along our way.

This is my friend Sankey. If you click on the picture, you will get to see a little movie of Snakey attacking me (and rightfully so, because I was bothering him, trying to get him to stick his tongue out at me for the movie!). If you watch carefully, you'll see that Sankey does stick his tongue out at me after he finishes his mighty lunge. :)

Yep, another beaver dam. This one is slightly upstream of a little footbridge that also got washed out in the rains in the fall. As you can see, the footbridge was replaced by a dead tree (I think chopped down by the beavers), and a nice little lenth of rope for a handrail. :)

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