Thursday, April 13, 2006

Snoozie Cats

Spammy likes to sit up when he sleeps. He wobbles back and forth just a little bit when he does that. It's cute.

When Musubi sleeps, she just sleeps. Sometimes she opens her eyes a little bit to see if anyone's taking a picture of her.


Steven Asaumi said...

Speaking of cute, take a look at this website:

Lots of ugly animals that chicks think are cute. Not that I'm saying your cats are ugly. Uh, I'm just not an animal lover. (...dig, dig, digging a hole...)

...but I love to read about your cat urinal stories! Tell me more!

mochichick said...

Well it's supposed to be more than just a urinal! Musubi gets it. A few days ago, Spammy got it too, but just for that one time. Hopefully he will get it for real again soon! (And then he can un-get it again, after we move on to the next step...)