Friday, April 07, 2006


Ok, so last night I took the train into NYC to meet up with Vivian, who is in town this week for her grandfather's funeral. The only time we were able to meet up while she is here was at the Frim Fram dance last night. I had a really good time - lots of really good dancers, and they seemed more friendly than the last time I went to this dance, which was about six months ago.

Anyway, the highlight of the evening was while I was dancing with a complete beginner, I managed to get myself punched in the nose by someone else's lead! Ouch!! It was really kind of funny - just one of those things when you are in the wrong spot at the wrong moment. Anyway, I actually came away with a little bit of a bloody nose... well... it wasn't quite my nose that was bleeding, but there was a little bit of blood from a small cut right below my right nostril that was a result of getting hit in the face. :P The poor guy I was dancing with felt so bad and guilty about my getting hit in the face that he bought me a coke while I was in the bathroom checking out my wound. Wasn't his fault though - the other guy was flailing his arms around just a bit too much for such a crowded dance floor. But I don't really fault him either, since I've done the same before (except I hit the other person by accident in the throat)(ouch!).

Eh, stuff happens. Plus, it was fun afterwards to tell people that I got punched in the nose! ;)

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Greg said...

I've gotten bloody noses twice before from followers. I don't even remember who.