Monday, April 17, 2006

Play Ball!

This weekend, Kenji and I drove up to Boston to see the Mariners play against the Red Sox. The last six times that Kenji has gone to see the Mariners play, they've lost. They also lost three of the four games they played against Boston on this road trip. But fortunately for us, the Mariners won the game we went to. :)

Some pictures from the trip... starting with Kenji and me sitting on a Red line train awaiting departure from the Alewife T station:

Once at Fenway, we wandered around for a bit to the souvenier shops:

We also wandered over to where all the players drive up to park their cars before the game. We saw David Ortiz zoom into the parking area driving his shiny red sports car. Dunno what it was, he was going too fast, plus there were other people obstructing our view. We think this Hummer might belong to Alex Gonzales, since it has Florida plates on it, and apparently he came to Boston from Florida.

The obligatory photo in front of the Fenway sign...

This trip was also a chance for us to see our friend Jen, whom we know from Hawaii. A month or so after we left the islands, she also left, and followed us to the east coast, except instead of NJ, she went to Boston. Jen, along with her friend, Susan, joined us for lunch and for the game.

Our seats were behind the Red Sox bullpen in right field, so of course we had to take a picture or three of the sign behind center field, especially because it was tax day (sort of) (ok, it wasn't really tax day on the 15th this year, but people always associate April 15th with tax day!). I suppose I would have only taken one shot of the sign if I'd gotten the rotating Red Sox logo right the first time...

And of course, Kenji and I in front of the sign...

I just noticed that Jerry Remy's name is on the sign behind us. He's one of the players I can name on the Red Sox lineup from 1978. That was some of the knowledge I used to impress Kenji way back before we first started dating - naming the 1978 Red Sox lineup of players and which positions they played. :P

And our favorite right fielder...

And of course, a photo of us with the Green Monster. :)

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