Sunday, April 30, 2006

Weekend in Maryland - More Pictures

These are pictures that didn't make it into the other two posts about our weekend in Maryland. This was one of the first things we saw when we arrived in Chesapeake City - the Chesapeake City Bridge:

In an earlier post, I included a photo of the exterior of the Inn at the Canal, where we stayed. Here's a photo of the dining room, where we ate two very delicious breakfasts:

And here's the kitchen:

For dinner on Friday, we checked out the Bohemia Cafe (it's located on Bohemia Avenue). Nothing fancy, just had sandwiches. We also folded a couple of paper cranes out of their paper napkin rings:

Right next to the canal was this cute little birdhouse and garden. On the opposite side of the canal is the north side of Chesapeake City, which is the more residential and less touristy side of town.

We also found this little mini lighthouse - so I took a picture of that for my mommy too. :)

This little gazebo-thingy is on the grounds of another inn that was a couple doors down from us. Earlier in the evening, somebody got married there. By the time we took this picture, everyone was already at a neighboring restaurant partying it up.

And this was Friday's sunset behind the bridge, as seen from the waterfront of the Chesapeake Delaware Canal:

We really lucked out this weekend - the Mariners won, and we had three beautiful days weather-wise.

To top things off, we had a nice lunch on our way home in a little New Jersey town called Moorsetown. Moorsetown is just outside of Philly, not far from the New Jersey Turnpike. The reason I chose there to stop this morning was I remembered that last year, Moorsetown won national acclaim as being the best town to live in in the United States. Indeed it is a very nice little town, with a tree-lined main street that sports nice shops and cafes. There seems to be a healthy art scene there, and we noticed that the Moorestown high school has acheived some national blue ribbon award for excellence. Plus, like Chesapeake City, Moorsetown also has a pretty birdhouse just hanging out on the side of the road. :)

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