Thursday, June 21, 2007

Jim Benton at Licensing 2007

Today Kenji and I took the train into NYC to spend the day. The first reason we planned to do that today was to walk the exhibit hall at the Licensing International 2007 trade show. Then it just so happened that our friends Vivian and Kai were visiting from Hawaii, so we also made plans to meet them for dinner.

Almost immediately after entering the exhibit hall we came across Jim Benton's booth. Jim Benton is the creator of Happy Bunny - a cute little bunny who basically says everything sucks or is stupid. Jim was actually in his booth, drawing pictures for whoever was interested. So I hopped in line, and got us our very own personalized Happy Bunny original. My only regret is I forgot to tell him to write that we suck or are stupid or something like that. D'oh!

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