Sunday, June 03, 2007

Riding on the D&R

This morning, Kenji and I got up sort of early and drove down to Lambertville to take a little bike ride along the Delaware & Raritan Canal. This was where we had planned to go riding last weekend, but we did not get our butts in gear in time.

The Delaware & Raritan Canal State Park is a very long park that extends all the way from north of Frenchtown, down nearly all the way to Trenton, and then back up to New Brunswick, NJ. We, however, did not ride anywhere near that far today. :) We started in Lambertville and rode about 7.5 miles north to Bull's Island. We walked our bikes across the Delaware River footbridge at Bull's Island, took a picture of ourselves with the bridge behind us from the Pennsylvania side, then turned around and rode back to Lambertville.

On our way back to Lambertville, we stopped at the Prallsville Mill and Lock, which is just north (and west) of Stockton, and had a hard time taking a good picture of the two of us with the tall red barn in the background.

As you can see, we ended up taking pictures separately. :)

There was an art show going on in one of the buildings. It wasn't that much of a show - just one artist displaying his paintings. I forget his name. I think it was Ty something-or-other. He did impressionistic looking oil paintings. I liked his paintings because the colors were vibrant. I would have bought one, but they were going for $500 apiece, plus it would be difficult to carry a painting back with me on a bicycle. ;) I found this doggy standing in the doorway of the building where the art show was.

Just a few other pictures from our ride...

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