Saturday, June 23, 2007

Wild Turkey!

Wild turkeys are not an unusual sight in my parents' yard. Yet seeing them is still impressive. This one we spotted when we arrived home after dinner this evening. He was in the front yard, and began to run away when he saw us pull into the driveway. I stopped the car before pulling all the way in, and managed to snap this distant, blurry shot before he wandered off into the woods.

A few minutes later we saw that Mr. Turkey had flown way up into a tree. I didn't even know turkeys could fly, since the only turkeys I've ever seen were either waddling around in my parents' back yard or in the woods, or on a large platter on the Thanksgiving dinner table. I did take some pictures of the turkey in the tree... but he was so far away that you can barely make him out in the photos. So instead here's a picture of one of the day lilies growing in the garden.

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