Monday, June 11, 2007

New Offices

Today was supposed to be the first day of business operations in my workplace's new offices. 

Last Thursday we finally began our move - which was happening about a month and a half after our original move date. Then we found out that the town stopped by the day before, looking for the permits for all the renovations that had been going on for months. In short, neither the landlord nor the contractor obtained them, and now we can't open for business in our new offices!

At least the town allowed us to move most of our stuff in. However they are requiring that we not operate our business out of the new offices until all the permits and inspections have been completed to the town's satisfaction.

Who knows how long that will take. Fortunately our current landlord is allowing us to stay until we can move. The only things we didn't move were the network and the phone system. We all brought in folding tables to work on now that we don't have any desks. Heh.

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