Monday, June 18, 2007

Turning Around

After checking out Washtington's Crossing, we continued to ride south for another couple miles. We turned around where we saw a sign for Scudder Falls. First of all, we didn't see any waterfalls. Second, when I look for Scudder Falls on the map, Google says it's still another 2 or 3 mile south of where we saw the sign. However I did detect a louder rushing of water in this particular spot on the otherwise calm Delaware River, and I suppose it's likely that the town of Scudder Falls doesn't have to be immediately next to where the falls are supposed to be one the river.

The picture above was taken from a little patch of grass alongside the Delaware, and far away in the background (near Kenji's elbow) you can see the bridge (left) that is now used to cross the Delaware River at Washington's Crossing. I wonder if General Washington would have enjoyed having that bridge there on Christmas night of 1776? ;)

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