Sunday, June 17, 2007

Nature's Little Sanitation Engineer

This morning, we were sitting in the dining room eating breakfast, when I noticed a little critter in our back yard. At first I thought it was a tiny squirrel. But the little critter revealed himself a little more, and he turned out to be an opossum! He waddled through our back yard, then boogied across our patio right up to our house, around the side of the house, and then across into our neighbor's front yard. That's where I took this picture of him. He didn't seem to be frightened of me, so I wonder if he was blind and could not see me. Maybe that explains why he just walked right into our house before walking around it. Poor li'l guy.

Opossums have cute feet. I also learned from the Opossum Society of the United States (who knew there was such an organization?) that opossums are also know as "Nature's Little Sanitation Engineers" because they do a good job of eating up bugs and cockroaches and stuff.

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