Thursday, June 21, 2007

Tulip Bartex

A few weeks ago, we received a citation from our town saying that we need to replace a portion of the sidewalk in front of our house. Apparently in this town, residents are responsible for sidewalk maintenance, and not just for making sure it's shoveled in the wintertime. A few slabs of our sidewalk is all broken up because the roots of a tree owned by the town is pushing up on them. So we have to fix the sidewalk, and the town has to grind out the tree roots so that they won't break the sidewalk again.

While we are at it fixing the sidewalk, we thought it made sense to also go ahead and get our front steps replaced, as well as the walkway leading to our steps. The contractor we hired for the job asked us to go to a local lumber and masonry yard and select which type of brick we want. We did that this morning before heading off to NYC, and the type of brick we picked out is called Tulip Bartex.

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