Saturday, June 23, 2007

Things you find in an unplugged freezer

Shortly after Kenji and I rode away for our bike ride today, my mom went downstairs to the cellar to get some blueberries out of the freezer to make blueberry cake.

Well the blueberries seemed rather soft and unfrozen. Turns out my dad had unplugged the freezer a few days ago and forgot to plug it back in!

So it turns out the majority of the food had thawed and was no good. My folks carted five large bags of soggy wet no good food to the dump. Good thing the dump was open today, or the food might also have been smelly and moldy by the time they could dispose of it.

I'm sorry that I missed all the excitement though - my dad said he came across a package of meat - a package that was dated 1977! I would have liked to take a picture of that!

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