Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Girls Night Out

Back in January, I joined a Yahoo group called New Jersey Young Professionals. It's a group that was started a couple of years ago for the purpose of helping folks in New Jersey network and/or make new friends. The founder of the group as well as various members will organize both "official" and "unofficial" events or activities in an effort to get people out meeting each other. And with a 5,000+ membership, there are plenty of opportunities for NJYP members to get together.

Last night I went to my first "Girls Night Out" NJYP event, held at a nice martini bar called 381 Main in the town of Little Falls. I went with one of the other NJYP girls, Gretchen, whom I met at the swing dance I went to the previous Friday (I had posted an announcement on NJYP inviting others to come out to the dance). So it was nice to arrive at the event already knowing someone else. But it didn't take long before I met a whole bunch of other fun people... it's only too bad I can't remember many of their names! When I used to host Global Pau Hana gatherings in Honolulu, my friend Dave would always bring name tags for me to make for people - so maybe in the future I should take his lead and bring name tags for everyone so I can learn their names. ;)

What I was most pleasantly surprised about this Girls Night Out was meeting other silly people, um, like above. At the end of the evening, we all locked arms and skipped to our cars! (No, we weren't drunk!)

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