Friday, March 17, 2006

Mission Impossible, Day 72

It's been a while since my last Mission Impossible update. Just in case there are any new readers, in our house, "mission impossible" refers to toilet-training our cats. That's right, teaching kitties to do their business on the toilet instead of in the litter box.

To quickly recap: In January, we bought kitties a CitiKitty to assist in the potty-training process. Kitties took well to this until we punched out the first hole in the center. Musubi was fine with it, but Spammy had a problem using it for #2 (he's ok with #1 on the CitiKitty). But then we had to cover up the hole and start using shredded newspaper for litter because Spammy got his nuts done. That's pretty much where we left off in our Mission Impossible saga.

When we were finished using the newspaper litter, we went back to using flushable litter in the CitiKitty, but we kept the hole plugged up to help Spammy get used to doing #2 on top of the toilet again. After getting him to do that, we went back to having the small hole in the center of the CitiKitty.

Well, we're still having the same problem with Spammy. For some reason, he just doesn't want to do #2 on the potty with that little hole there. Maybe it's some kind of Fruedian thing, where psychologically he's not ready to let his unko get flushed down the drain, like little children are sometimes when they are in the process of weaning off their diapers. So Spammy just leaves it in a nice little pile on the floor next to the potty (thank goodness this is in the cellar, and in a place that is easy to clean up!).

If it were only Musubi, I think we'd be finished with the whole process already - she has no problems doing all her business on top of the toilet.

So right now I am undecided as to whether I should take them a step backward again and cover up the hole to see if Spammy will get comfortable again with doing his business on top of the toilet, or rather just stay at the same step, and see if he comes around eventually. What to do...

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