Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Spammy's Favorite Toy

The other day I was doing some vacuuming, and came across the fluffy little Gateway cow that we got at some trade show. It's a floppy snuggly little black and white stuffed cow, and Spammy named him Cowie.

I took Cowie out of the magazine rack that he had been sitting in for the last several months, and threw him across the floor for the kitties to play with. Musubi didn't show too much interest, but Spammy went crazy. He picked up Cowie, flipped him in the air, pinned him on the floor, took him out back behind my brother's broken TV set for a good pummeling. I took a little movie with my camera of Spammy carrying Cowie around.

All the rest of the day, Spammy carried Cowie around the house with him... up the stairs, down the stairs, into the cellar, over to the food bowls. At night, Spammy even brought Cowie to bed with him to snuggle up to and sleep! I took Cowie from Spammy a couple of times and put him next to me instead. But Spammy just got up, came over, and took Cowie back to sleep next to him. How cute is that??

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