Friday, March 10, 2006

Two Bowls for Stew

Today was the first wonderful day in New Jersey in ages... Sunny and warm enough to go outside without a jacket. Hooray for spring being on its way! So after I got out of work, I decided to take a nice long walk in my neighborhood and neighboring neighborhoods.

I was more than half way finished with my walk when I found myself thinking about this woman who also lives in my town who I met at work yesterday. I'm guessing she's in her sixties, and she has some kind of European accent that I can't identify because I'm no good at that sort of thing. I remember her because when she asked me to help her, all she wanted was to buy two bowls for her and her husband to have stew in.

I showed her all the dinnerware sets that Crate and Barrel is selling right now. To make a very long story short, she was incredibly indecisive, and I must have made five trips up and down the stairs to the stock room to get her different plates to look at (even though she had samples of all the plates to look at right there). She ended up purchasing the same ones she first decided buy before she began changing her mind. She even solicited the opinions of other customers and our assistant store designer before making a final decision. It didn't matter to me whether I trekked up and down the stairs one time or five times for this customer - I still provided her with cheerful service, and after she left, one of the managers commented to me that I have too much patience. ;)

So anyway, I don't know what made me think about this woman while I was walking today. I suppose it was because she lives in my town. When I rang up her order yesterday, I asked for her zip code, which we are required to do for each customer, so I commented to her that I live in that zip code too. She asked me which street I live on, and told me which one she lives on. During my walk, I passed down a street I'd never been on before, and noticed the street name. For some reason, noticing the street name made me try to remember which street she said she lives on, but I'd forgotten it already.

Well, probably less than two more songs on my iPod later, I turned the corner of a busy intersection, and suddenly I hear the honk of a horn, coming from the car next to me, waiting for the light to turn green. I could see someone inside waving to me but couldn't make out who it was. I bent down to look in the window, and turns out it was none other than two bowls for stew lady! She said she remembered meeting me at the Short Hills Mall yesterday, and that she was very happy with the bowls, and that she would come back to see me again. Hehe.

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