Saturday, March 25, 2006

Who Let This Genie Out of the Bottle?

This evening, Kenji and I were on our way home from the Scotch Plains area, where we took our car to get looked at by a mechanic, because as of last night, the clutch feels funny. We'll be getting it fixed next week. After talking to the mechanic, we went to lunch and then to see a movie - Inside Man - which was pretty good.

After the movie was over, we were on the Garden State Parkway driving home. There was quite a line at the exact change lanes, and since we don't have an EZ-Pass, we got into the queue.

Several cars ahead of us, I noticed a pickup truck, bearing the Window Genie logo and contact information, very rudely changing from our lane to the one to our right. He never used his signal, but what ticked me off was that he didn't even wait for a space to merge into. He simply moved his vehicle over as if no car was beside him, which there was!

The driver in the sedan just to Mr. Window Genie's right was no wussie though. He was not about to give into Mr. Window Genie and simply let him have his space in line. But Mr. Window Genie was persistent - he kept moving his truck over into what would have been the side of the sedan if the sedan hadn't kept moving over himself. So for a good twenty or thirty feet, there were two vehicles side by side in this toll booth lane. Along with this, Mr. Window Genie took a moment to flip the bird to the sedan driver. Then, suddenly it looked like Mr. Window Genie would give up and return to his original lane. However, this maneuver was a trick! In the next instant he successfully bullied his way into the other lane in front of the sedan.

What I don't understand is why someone like Mr. Window Genie, a BUSINESS OWNER, would behave in such a rude, irresponsible manner on the roads while driving a vehicle displaying the name of his BUSINESS. This is a poor reflection not only on his own franchise, but also on the entire Window Genie establishment. By the way, the license plate on his vehicle reads "WGENIE" and is a New Jersey license plate. I should have made note of the phone number on the truck, but if I had to guess which franchise owner it belongs to, I'd have to guess that it was the one you'll find located nearest to Hillside, New Jersey on Window Genie's web site. By the way, the zip code for Hillside is 07205.

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