Friday, March 31, 2006

Mission Impossible, Day 86

Since Spammy's finally been doing really well doing all of his business on top of the toilet, I thought it was time to move them on to the next step. So last night I removed the next ring from the CitiKitty. Now the hole in the center is a good 3-4 inches across. While Spammy likes to put his paws in the water and stick his whole head in there, he's still not sure about doing all his business up there anymore (which I expected). Hopefully it won't take so long for him to come around this time. ;)

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Laura said...

Hi there, just wanted to thank you for writing about your Citikitty training experience. So far your blog has been the best account of how it actually works out with cats. I'm wondering how Spammy is doing with it lately?