Wednesday, July 04, 2007

20 Years Ago Today

Exactly 20 years ago today, Kenji and his family went to visit a friend of his dad's. Kenji and his brother were outside on the front lawn throwing Crazy Jacks onto the road to celebrate the Fourth of July. One of the Crazy Jacks Kenji's brother threw bounced off the road, across the street, and landed in a neighbor's large maple tree. The two brothers looked at each other - nothing happened. But then five seconds later, the entire 25-foot-tall tree erupted in flames!

Kenji thought it was funny as all the parents ran outside to fight the fire with garden hoses. After several minutes, the grownups managed to extinguish the flames. At that very moment, the fire department arrived.

The next day, Kenji went to Chicago to visit Uncle Mark. The End.

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Uncle Mark said...

Was that 20 years ago? Unbelievable. I remember it well. Ask Russ, er Kenji, about the cassette with the McGuyver theme. (Sorry to post on an old item. I was just catching up on your blog.)