Monday, July 09, 2007

Just Another Errand

In spite of today's heat, this morning I decided to have a little fun while I was out running errands. In between mailing some packages at the post office, dropping off books to donate to the library, taking all of our empty containers, shredded and un-shredded papers and cardboard to the recycling center and food shopping, I did a little bit of letterbox hunting all by myself.

Today's box was located at the Essex County Environmental Center in Roseland. It was a very easy find, but took a lot longer for me to retrieve than it should have. The box is hidden in a tree that is in plain sight from the parking lot. When I first surmised which tree to look in, there was a car parked directly in front of it, not more than 25 feet away. The driver was in the car, and he was facing the tree and me. So I wandered around the walking trails for a bit in the hopes that this person would leave. By the time I returned, he had. It occurred to me that if anyone did see me, they might think it was drop for drugs or even better, national secrets!

It appears I'm the first person who's found this letterbox in nearly a year. The last dated entry was from August 2006. The stamp is a hand-carved image of a tree, and the keeper of the box includes a yellow and a green marker so that you can make the tree two colors when you stamp your book.

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