Tuesday, July 03, 2007

New License Plates

This evening I went with Tiff on a little adventure. Our mission was to drive to Woodbridge to pick up the new license plates for the car Tiff bought on Saturday. Instead of taking the Parkway, we took the little roads. Along the way, we drove through the town of Westfield.

It just so happened that Terraplane Blues, a local blues band, was playing on the sidewalk, outside of Westfield's Bombay store. After fetching Tiff's license plates, we stopped by and enjoyed the last set of the show. We saw two of the band members, Gary and Jen, perform as guest musicians at a Gas House Gorillas show back in January. Gary and Jen were awesome then, and they were awesome tonight! That's why I bought one of their CDs. If you like blues, you should buy one too. :)

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