Sunday, July 15, 2007

Pancake Adventure

Kenji and I went on a breakfast adventure this morning to Ridgewood, NJ. Destination: Country Pancake House. Our friend Joe told me about this place a few months ago - he said that they had like fifty different kinds of pancakes, and if you want, you can get them as large as a pizza!

Well, I didn't want a pancake as large as a pizza. The other option is to get 4 medium sized pancakes, which is also way too much food for me. Especially considering that your meal starts off with complimentary cornbread, some plain, some with chocolate chips. The menu has a remarkable list of 189 different pancakes, waffles and French toast... and that's just the breakfast menu!

Kenji ordered the "Carpet Baggers" pancakes, which contained ham, bacon and cheese. He says they weren't as good as he thought they would be, and that next time he's going to get the Super Pancakes. Super Pancakes have something like nine different types of grain in them. They must scrub your insides pretty good!

Because I knew an order of pancakes would be way too much food for me, I decided to get a waffle instead - a sweet potato waffle. This is not something I would ever have thought to make myself, but it was really yummy. It complimented the drink I ordered, which I also would never think to make myself - pear and carrot juice - a juice that's both bright orange AND yummy!

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