Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Wake Up!

This morning Kenji and I slept in because it's a holiday. The kitties don't appreciate that because then they have to wait to be fed. Well, Musubi doesn' t really seem to care, but Spammy will begin gently trying to wake me up starting around 7:00 a.m. He'll come in to visit us, sniff my face, walk around in circles and purr, then lie down on my arm and purr, then stand up, circle around and lie down again and purr, and then also dig at the sheets a bit.

Somewhere around 8:30, Spammy got a little more forceful in his wake-up routine. He had just finished circling around and lied down, purring, when I started to pet him, He bit my arm. It was not a vicious bite... he only bit just hard enough to get a grip on my arm. Then I could feel Spammy try to pick up my arm to take me with him, I assume, downstairs to his food bowl. Now that's just extra cute!

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