Saturday, July 14, 2007

Tulip Bartex is Here!

As I mentioned in my Tulip Bartex post, we have been planning to repair our broken sidewalk and replace our wooden steps in the front of our house with brick and limestone. We also had the contractors replace the front walkway which was all cracked and crummy looking. Because of heavy rains on Wednesday evening, our chosen contractor had to rearrange some of his jobs, and was able to start work on ours on Thursday morning.

The contractor we used was Essex & Morris Contracting Company, owned and operated by John Trezza. We think they might be on the pricey side, but it's hard for us to tell what the going rate is for this kind of job in our region. Of the four contractors that agreed to even come out to give us an estimate, only two showed up. Of those two, Essex & Morris was the only one to actually get back to us with a quote. I have to say we are very pleased with the work done by John and his crew. If you live in Essex or Morris County in New Jersey and you need some paving or masonry work done, give John a call.

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