Friday, July 27, 2007

Some Assembly Required

Yep, so anyway the Sleep Number people were having a factory outlet sale, and that's why we decided to get our new bed at this time. We probably saved about $400 over what we would have paid for the same model if we purchased it through the store.

We could have paid a guy $150 or something like that to deliver and put the bed together for us, but we said nah to that. So today, after I finished delivering books to old folks, I went to work assembling the bed. First to you have to put the foundation together:

Those are the support beams - they are all just made out of very heavy duty plastic. Once the support beams are together, you attach the legs and put the panels on top:
Next you lay the mattress flat and remove the top. You place long foam blocks all around the outer edge, and then lay the air chambers inside, and attach the air chambers to the air pump:

That zig zaggy piece of foam laying on top of the air chambers is the piece you stuff between the two air chambers once they are inflated. While I was waiting for the air chambers to inflate, look who I found, making herself comfy in the folded up mattress top:

One chamber filled...

2 chambers filled...

After the chambers are full, you put a big piece of foam on top, and then zip on the mattress top and make the bed!

Yay! Now we just need to get a nice bed-skirt. And boy will Kenji be surprised when he gets home and sees a new bed after being away for a week.

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