Saturday, July 14, 2007

Life Saver Saved My Life!

Yesterday was a very Friday the 13th-ish day. Conveniently, it actually was Friday the 13th.

As you know from my previous posts, Friday began with a man-hunt in our back yard. Then in the evening, a NJ Transit train got stuck in the tunnel so Tiffany had a hard time getting home from work in NYC. To make things easier, Kenji and I went to pick her up at Newark Penn Station, and then Kenji dropped us off at Tiff's house so that he could go to the book store while Tiff and I went to the dance.

At least that's what the plan was supposed to be. When it came to leaving for the dance, Tiffany's car, the one she's only owned for two weeks, was dead!

But the night was not lost - the thrid member of the shoe-changer triangle, Joe, was having none of this Tiffany-and-Marsha-aren't-going-to-the-dance business. He drove all the way back home from the dance to pick us up and take us there. That's me in the back of Joe's convertible, wearing his hat so that my hair would only be a near-complete disaster instead of a complete disaster.

When we got there, we paid our $15 at the door, and I took a Life Saver from the candy dish and began to suck on it while I changed my shoes. I started off with a nice dance with Tiff. Then I danced with my favorite lead in NJ, Tall Mike (we have qualifier nick names for all the Mikes to make it easier to tell which Mike we are referring to). As usual, dancing with Tall Mike was super-fun. About 3/4 of the way through the song, he did an aerial (I think it's called a Side Car), which was so much fun that I couldn't help but laugh. But flying around laughing with a Life Saver in my mouth was not really a good idea, as the Life Saver then got stuck in my throat!

Good thing it was a Life Saver though, because I think the little hole is what made it so that I could still breathe. Well, actually I think the Life Saver got stuck in the right pipe... so maybe I would have been able to breathe anyway even if it didn't have a hole in it. Nonetheless, having the little bugger stuck in my throat was very uncomfortable. Gretchen insisted I drink some hot water to help melt the Life Saver and also to help my throat expand. It was a good idea because after only a few sips I could feel the Life Saver flip around and then continue on its way down into my tummy. :)

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